Plants Vs Blogging 2



Have you heard about the new mobile app Plants vs Zombies 2?

It's one of the top apps right now so, chances are that you had.

So did I sadly...

I have played the first desktop version and just couldn't resist
downloading the new one, especially when the game is free, I hate
those new mobile app marketing tactics where you can get everything
for free and only if you want to be a bad ass in the game you can
pay for it.

I hate them, because they work on me and I then spend hours
planting my silly plants to kill those brainless zombies, instead
of blogging and building my business.


Though mobile apps teach you a good marketing lesson - you need to
provide value and lots of it. Listen incorporate that into your
business strategy and you will be ahead of the competition.

Believe me, there are so many entrepreneurs out there that hope to
make money without providing value first.

Warring though about the mobile apps, learn how to resist playing
them yourself, they are called "time killing technologies" for a
reason you know. Your business is going to suffer, if you don't.


Actually not falling into the distraction land is a great business
skill to master.

Without this skill no matter how good the opportunity you are in,
you will still fail to make money.

So, if you have your shit together and want to start your online
business which provides you with the time freedom, allows you to
take vacations whenever you want and wherever you want then check
this out:

Liudas Butkus

Why blogging?


Why you should consider blogging as a lead generation tool? 
There are plenty of other ways to generate leads so, why blogging? 
Well, it's dead easy. 
You know how to write do you? Then you can start blogging and start attracting leads.
Even, if you aren't the best writer out there you can still do blogging. 
Your writing will improve with time, but even your first attempts can attract attention. 
I remember when I just started, my posts were lame, short and probably hard to understand, but they were still attracting comments to my posts and also leads. 
As I got more experienced, my blog posts got better and I started attracting more leads. 
So, I'm not saying that you will become an overnight success with blogging, but you can make serious money, if you put in the time. 
Start your own money making blog now: 

Want Leads?


Of course you do!

Who doesn't? 

Leads are the energy of an online business and if you have a cheap source to get laser targeted leads day after day, then sure enough you will have the luxury to enjoy the long walks on the beach whenever you want. 

Paid traffic sources like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords can provide you with laser targeted leads, day after day, but surely enough they hit your wallet like a nail and a hammer.

Social Media has tons of different communities that could be laser targeted for your business, but generating leads there is as easy as understanding modern art.
And then there's blogging. 

A free lead source that generates laser targeted leads. 
You set the targeting formula yourself by writing content for your avatar. No, I'm not talking about the big blue people from that Hollywood movie, I mean your ideal customer - avatar.  

You gain leads based on how much work you put in, but your blog actually pays you residual meaning, once you have built a blog you are proud of, it will generate you leads day after day even, if you wanted to stop them, for some foolish reason, you couldn't. 

So, you want to spend time on the beach, have a Ford Mustang GT standing in the yard, waiting for you to take it for a ride, take your kids to Disneyland?

Then start a blog now:


Traffic is expensive you either pay money for it or you spend time working for it.So, you need to value all the visitors that come to your blog and when they come you want them to stay for as long as possible or better yet, until they optin to your list or click on an ad. 
To keep visitors on your blog longer you can adapt different strategies. 
Number 1. Feature related posts at the end of your blog post. Chances are, if they read and liked your article that they will want to see what else do you have to offer on that topic so, if you make it easy for them they are likely to look at related blog posts. 
Number 2. Feature popular blog posts. If you completely answered the questions in your blog post that they had about a certain topic, then they might not be interested in related topics, but might still want to see what other great content do you have. So, featuring popular posts is a great way to keep people on your blog as well.
Number 3. Interlink your blog posts. Look at Wikipedia, every single page has tons of related links to other articles on their site. This is a great way to increase time on site, because when a person is reading an article and you give a link to something related that ads to the content, usually both articles get read. So, interlink whenever you see it's appropriate.
All these ways will help you increase the time visitors spend on your blog and the more time they spend, the bigger the chances are that you will convert them.   

How To Create An Infographic


Infographics are amazing, they get shared very easily on social media and people just love them. It can bring a lot of traffic to your website, if you create a popular infographic. Though how do you create it? Well, the first step is the obvious on - gather the information you want to feature in the infographic and write down the content. The next step is to design it. Now, this can be done in several different ways. Obviously you can hire a designer to do it for you, but it can cost more than what you will make thanks to the infographic so, it might not be a good idea for everyone. Another way is to design it yourself in an image editor though, if you don't have the skills it can end up really bad lucking. 
And the third alternative that I recommend is to use a software called Instant infographics Presence which is specifically designed for creating beautifully looking infographics without needing to be a designer. Check it out:

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